Hancock Agricultural Investment Group
Investment Strategy
Investment Criteria
pistachio imageWe invest in both row and permanent cropland, acquiring properties typically valued at greater than $1 million. We lease row crop properties that can be expected to generate attractive current income returns. In some areas where it is advantageous to directly operate or "custom farm" row crops, we will do so to enhance returns.
We directly operate permanent cropland in order to maximize income returns but may choose to lease permanent cropland for clients looking for lower risk/lower return investments. We consider both developmental properties (raw land that can be developed into an orchard or vineyard) and mature, income-producing properties.
We analyze the type of commodity grown, quality and location of the property, age of the tree or vine, soil types, and other factors that can affect the investment's risk and return.
We consider row cropland purchases in several areas. In the Corn Belt (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio), we focus on corn and soybeans. We acquire properties in the Lake States (Michigan and Wisconsin) that primarily grow vegetables. In the Delta States (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi), we invest in corn, soybeans, cotton and rice. We invest in peanuts and cotton in Georgia.
California provides a wide variety of permanent cropland types, including wine grapes, almonds, apples, walnuts, pistachios, prunes and stone fruit. In Washington, we invest in properties that grow apples, wine grapes, pears and cherries. We invest in cranberries in Wisconsin.
In Australia, we invest in both row and permanent cropland in New South Wales and Queensland. Our Australian properties concentrate on macadamia nuts, corn, wine grapes and wheat.
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